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  Winding An End Fed Bobbin
Did you know that ever turn that feeds from the end of the bobbin either adds or subtracts to the twist of the yarn? Find out the "How" and "Why" of winding end fed bobbins.

 Fix Dropped Stitches
( I have a doctorate in this ;>)

 Fix Dropped Stitch
 No Wrap Heel/Toe
I use a slightly modified beginning,
but the 1 up 2 down is the bomb.

 No Wrap Heel/Toe
 Closing Toe / Kitchener Stitch
There are several ways to do this. Of the ones I have used,
I like this the best. This is working from inside of sock (purl).

  Closing Toe / Kitchener Stitch
This is working from outside of sock (knit).

  Burying the yarn tail
What to do with that yarn end.

Weave In The Ends
 Setting up ribber
I get a very nice ribbed top/hem with this method.
You can use a 54 cylinder and 36 ribber to get 1x1 ribbing.
Every other needle out in the cylinder. Every 4th needle out in the ribber.

  8 1/2 Minute Sock
A very quick demo of the steps to crank out a simple sock.

8 1/2 Minute Sock
  Giant Knitting Nancy
(Just for fun)

 Giant Knitting Nancy
 Cabling on the CSM
Stepping up the game.

 Cabling - The Soxophone Player Blog
Written description.

 CSM Cabling Info
 Demagnetize Needles
If you've been unfortunate enough to have a magnet within arms reach of your CSM needles, this may help. You may get them working again, but you'll never get them completely demagnetized. (Don't use magnets near your CSM!)